Oedipus x TAPT Festival

Oedipus zal met hun heerlijke kleurrijke speciaal bier op het allerleukste borrelfestival van Nederland staan. Kom samen met je beste vrienden genieten van Oedipus speciaalbier op TAPT Festival.

Hi there,

When was the last time you tasted something really great? Can be anything. Something that gave you a hot flash, a cold shiver, a tingle, a tangle – even when you think about it now.

Think about it for a moment 🤔

Because that’s what we’re aiming for! To create unique flavors that will leave you with a feeling of greatness and a thirst for more.

While we discovered our own taste in a little beer bar, we developed the ambition go out and create these flavors for ourselves. We started brewing beer on pots and pans in one of those too tiny Amsterdam kitchens, playing with colors and silly ideas. From that very first start Oedipus has been about doing things differently, our own way. It’s about fun, taste, energy and doing it together.

Once we started making more beer than we could drink, it was time to share it with the world. And though we and our dreams are bigger now, we’re still playing and discovering in our kitchen, always ready to go where our taste buds take us. This is how we create fantastical beers that reveal to the world that beer is not common, but a magical beverage tasty, exciting and most importantly: for everyone.

The heart of our operation is our brewery and taproom in Amsterdam-Noord. That is the vibrant home where we make all our beers and celebrate other beautiful things in life too. Such as art, music, food and each other.

We happily invite you to our universe. We open eyes, expand minds, let people taste colors and hopefully leave you with a sensation, a shudder, a shake. Welcome 🖖🏽