Weihenstephan x TAPT Festival

The world has changed through the ages and today is a product of this change. It’s nice to know that in the eventful history of Weihenstephan, with all its developments, achievements and setbacks, one thing has remained constant: our beer. Thus the Weihenstephan Monastery Brewery – after nearly a thousand years – still stands upon the Weihenstephan Hill, proud of its quality and its tradition and conscious of its position as the oldest existing brewery in the world. You can read about it here!

Even if it’s hard to believe, there was a time when there was no beer brewing in Weihenstephan.
Of course this was way back even before the birth of Charlemagne before the Crusades and where is Munich today there were at that time only a few cows on the pasture.

Enjoy an exciting journey through time to the origin of beer and learn more about the history of the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan.

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