The Sisters Brewery

The Sisters Brewery x TAPT Festival

We, as The Sisters Brewery, are a team of two sisters, Annamijn and Josefien, along with our father, Wilfran Beijeman. Together we have a great passion for brewing strong craft beers and to combine them with art. We like to say that we create an artwork out of the inside and outside of every bottle. For the perfect end result, we work together with (mainly female) artists. With our labels, we like to represent the human being in all its various ways, and in its purest form.

By making a combination between traditional recipes and our own modern view, we create an authentic taste and atmosphere. The authenticity of our beers is not only evident in our recipes and flavours, but can also be found in the labels and names of our beers. Each beer that The Sisters Brewery offers includes its own philosophy, story and high standards. Our aim is to deliver a piece of art with every beer produced.

The inspiration for the names of our beers come from our surname; Beijeman, which means Beekeeper in Dutch. All the names of our beers have something to do with bees and beekeeping. This focus on bees can also be found in our main logo.

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