Amsterdam Brew Boys

Six years before setting out on this adventure, our brewer — inspired by friends — started brewing small batches of beer from his home kitchen.Fascinated by the simplicity of ingredients — mesmerised by the multitude of fragrant hops — he went deep into the rabbit hole, making the science his own.When given the opportunity to be put “at the end of a broomstick” at local microbrewery Young Henrys,  the dream was born. Go big!
Drawing experience from many past lives, our brewer now has only one mission — make great beer… and drink it too.
After twenty-odd years as an entrepreneur in hospitality, he sought a new challenge.Collaborate with like-minded , engage in a Creative Process,  produce a Tangible Product.The puzzle pieces dropped into place when the idea was proposed  to start brewing beer. An extension to his past, this venture would hold the potential to cover all three goals profoundly.He now is the driving force connecting craft beer with collaborative business opportunities larger than the sum of parts.
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